What is the best brand of olive oil in Italy?

Extra virgin olive oil is a jewel of Italian gastronomy , appreciated for its exceptional quality and its nutritional benefits. The best olive oil brands in Italy , such as those from Calabria and Puglia , produce PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) oils, resulting from the first cold pressing of olives. These oils, produced using traditional extraction techniques , offer distinct flavors and aromas, reflections of the terroir and the variety of olives used, such as Frantoio, Carolea, Geracese or Coratina. Their superior quality , their antioxidant and oleic acid content make these oils a preferred choice for a healthy diet.

Importance of olive oil in Italian cuisine

In Italy, olive oil is a key part of the Mediterranean diet , used in various dishes from cooking to seasoning, enhancing flavors with its unique taste. Among the best, Calabrian extra virgin olive oil is particularly appreciated for its fruity aroma and its rich taste. This organic oil is produced by LUCANGELI , a renowned brand that carefully chooses olives to guarantee a superior quality product. Rich in beneficial fatty acids , antioxidants and polyphenols , it is also recognized for its health benefits .

Factors Determining Olive Oil Quality

The quality of olive oil is determined by several key factors. Among them, the method of production, the terroir and the variety of olives used are essential. The best olive oil is the one that comes from cold pressing , a process that preserves all the nutrients and antioxidants contained in olives. In addition, quality olive oil must come from environmentally friendly agriculture, such as organic agriculture , which guarantees the absence of chemicals when growing olives. Finally, extra virgin olive oil is the most prized by gourmets for its incomparable flavor, due to a harvest of perfectly ripe olives.

The process of producing olive oil

The process of producing olive oil in Italy is an ancient art that combines tradition and technology. The olives are picked by hand to avoid damaging them, then they are washed and crushed to obtain a paste. This paste is then cold pressed (or by the expeller process for certain brands) to extract the oil, without any chemical addition. Unfiltered oil is appreciated for its richness in polyphenols, antioxidants beneficial to health. Some brands, likeLUCANGELI , stand out for their special care taken at each stage of production.

The different production regions in Italy

Italy is recognized worldwide for the quality of its olive oil, with several exceptional regions. Tuscany is undoubtedly the most famous, with its olive groves stretching as far as the eye can see and its fruity and slightly spicy olive oil. But other regions also deserve attention, such as Calabria , renowned for its Calabrian olive oil with a sweet and delicate flavor. Whether for cooking or to enhance your salads, importing a bottle of Italian olive oil is a guarantee of quality and unique flavor.

Best Olive Oil Brands in Italy

Italy is renowned for its production of premium extra virgin olive oil . It is famous for its lush olive groves, especially in the region of Tuscany and Calabria . Italian olive oils are prized for their delicate flavor, exceptional quality and traditional cold-pressing method. These oils are rich in antioxidants, polyphenols and fatty acids beneficial to health. Two brands particularly stand out among the best in Mediterranean gastronomy.


The LUCANGELI brand is well known in the world of Italian olive oil. This brand, from organic farming, is renowned for its production of first cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. It is produced from thousand-year-old olives, with a rigorous selection of olive varieties to ensure a unique flavor and optimal quality. LUCANGELI's packaging is also part of its charm, with an elegant bottle that reflects Italian craftsmanship. This oil goes wonderfully with all dishes, from cooking to direct consumption.

Calabrian olive oil

Calabrian Olive Oil is another leading brand in Italy. This olive oil, certified AOC, comes from the Calabria region in southern Italy. The brand stands out for its unfiltered oil, which retains all the aromas and benefits of olives. It is produced from monocultivar olives, which gives it a distinct and authentic flavor. Additionally, Calabrian olive oil is harvested by hand according to the region's olive growing traditions, ensuring unparalleled freshness and quality. Gourmets will appreciate this oil for its intense taste and velvety texture, which will perfectly complement all Mediterranean dishes.

How to Choose the Best Olive Oil Brand

Choosing the best olive oil brand in Italy is no easy task, as the country is full of quality producers. However, there are certain criteria to take into account to make an informed choice. Quality extra virgin olive oil must come from a first cold pressing , which preserves all the benefits and flavor of the olives. It is also preferable to choose an olive oil whose production is organic , to guarantee the absence of chemicals. The LUCANGELI brand, for example, offers premium Calabrian olive oil, produced using traditional methods. It offers a unique flavor, resulting from the harvest of different varieties of olives from the region. In addition, the AOC (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée) designation is a guarantee of quality and respect for Mediterranean olive growing traditions.

How to taste and appreciate olive oil

Savoring quality olive oil requires some knowledge. You must pay particular attention to its color , oscillating between vibrant green and luminous gold. Its scent should evoke the freshness of olives , and on the palate it should offer a delicious balance between bitterness , sweetness and a hint of spiciness. Notes of fruit , herbs, nuts or tomatoes are among the aromas found in quality extra virgin olive oil . It should not leave any unpleasant aftertaste. For optimal tasting, enjoy it at room temperature, on a piece of fresh bread, or to enhance the flavors of your traditional Mediterranean dishes.

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