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Team Lucangeli

La Squadra LUCANGELI... much more than just a team 😃

Nearly two years ago, Alessandra and Gregory set out with determination to take over the reins of the family olive farm. Their starting point? Modest 2000 bottles of “fruity green” olive oil.

A few months later, success was achieved. The first edition went down brilliantly, arousing the enthusiasm of French delicatessens and restaurants. This success motivated them to share their precious know-how in the most prestigious brands in France.

Over time, the LUCANGELI family has grown, today forming a large family united around fundamental values ​​that allow us to introduce you to exclusive treasures from southern Italy.

From now on, LUCANGELI embodies a devouring passion, the desire to surpass oneself and to share the jewels of Italy. Join us on this exciting adventure and let yourself be carried away by the authenticity of our products. ✨🇮🇹

ombre d'olivier

The founders

Greg and Alexandra

Hello everyone,

We are Greg and Alessandra, the enthusiasts behind LUCANGELI, based on the beautiful Costa Azzurra. With our Franco-Italian origins, our mission is to spread the magic of our southern Italian region to the four corners of France and the world! 🌍 Driven by an overflowing passion for life and new encounters, we cultivate the joy of living and the constant desire to take on exciting challenges on a daily basis. Between impatience and hyperactivity, our complementary personalities are the fuel that fuels LUCANGELI's frenetic evolution! 🔥

Accompanied by our joyful Famiglia and our mascot, Rio, our goal is simple: to become the undisputed reference for excellent products from southern Italy and to thrill you with each product tasted. Join us on this exceptional taste adventure where passion, quality, and a pinch of madness combine to create a unique and unforgettable experience. 🚀

See you soon to share these exquisite moments together!

digital and print communications manager


I am Mélody, proudly from the South-West of France 🌞.

As head of digital and print communications at LUCANGELI, I have been part of the Famiglia for a year and a half, an adventure that delights me 🚀. My passion is ignited for our house and its creations, but let me tell you about the product that has captured my heart: bergamot oil!

This oil is a real taste delight. Its delicate aroma and unique flavor make it the perfect ingredient to enhance scallops, adding a subtly fragrant note to each bite 🍽️. And that's not all ! I discovered a secret tip: integrate this oil into pastries. The result ? Simply divine! The pastries become gourmet masterpieces, with a touch of citrus that transforms each tasting 🍰.

It is with overflowing pride that I represent LUCANGELI and its passion for excellent products from Southern Italy 🇮🇹. Join us on this exceptional taste adventure, where passion, quality and a touch of madness intertwine to create a unique and memorable experience 🌈. And above all, don't forget to discover our bergamot oil, a true jewel of our collection 💎!

Logistics manager


I'm Mathieu, the new arrival from Nice at LUCANGELI, and yes, I'm also the new dad of the team! 🍼 Originally from the beautiful Côte d'Azur, I am an unconditional lover of my region, and this is felt in my passion for our olive oil. My choice ? Green fruitiness, without hesitation. I like its assertive character, just like the temperament of my favorite football team, OGC Nice, of which I am a fervent supporter. ⚽

At the heart of LUCANGELI, I am the maestro of logistics. From the Nice hinterland to bottling, it's me who orchestrates everything. Bottling our olive oil is like scoring a decisive goal: an indescribable satisfaction. My day involves juggling between the careful preparation of our customers' orders and the precise monitoring of all the company's upstream logistics.

At LUCANGELI, we do everything we can to ensure that each drop of oil tells a story, that of our terroir. And I'm putting all my energy into getting this story to you. So, are you ready to experience an exceptional taste experience with LUCANGELI? We'll meet in your kitchens!



🌞 I am Lisa, alternating at LUCANGELI as a CHR Business Developer in the magnificent PACA region.

What makes me tick? Representing exceptional products under the bright sun of the Côte d'Azur. Proud to be part of the family, I love the spirit of sharing that drives our team. Among our treasures, my favorite oil is without a doubt green fruity. Its herbaceous and spicy taste adds a unique dimension to each dish. It’s a real pleasure to share this taste experience with our partners.

As a passionate rider, I love the challenge both in the arena and in the professional world.

Much more than a simple adventure, LUCANGELI symbolizes for me a captivating story, steeped in tradition and a passion for quality. Contributing to the success of the company is an honor and a responsibility that I take to heart and with great enthusiasm. 🌿🍋

Commercial attaché


I am Elda, passionate about Italian gastronomy, constantly amazed by its refined know-how. My ambition as a CHR Business Developer is to share this culinary excellence in the magnificent PACA region. Integration at LUCANGELI represents much more than a simple professional opportunity, it is the realization of a profound ambition. My commitment is to promote Italian quality within this company, thus helping to create a unique experience in our beautiful region. 🇮🇹🍝🌟

At the heart of this adventure, I let myself be guided by the principles that drive my daily life. Sharing, commitment, the constant search for quality, and the sense of family which represents our solid foundation. I carry these values ​​with pride, ready to integrate them into each creation, each exchange, and each moment shared with our team and our clients.

Apart from my professional commitment, I like to travel and discover new cultures, spend precious time with family, and of course, dedicate myself to moments of cooking.

With determination and passion for the art of eating well, I am ready to highlight the delicacy and authenticity of LUCANGELI products. 🌿

Arrivederci alla prossima!