This 5L can of organic olive oil , from Calabria , in the South of Italy, is an exceptional product, the result of respectful organic farming . This extra virgin olive oil is certified organic and single-varietal, unfiltered. You have the choice between ...

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  • 100% Natural
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This 5L can of organic olive oil , from Calabria , in the South of Italy, is an exceptional product, the result of respectful organic farming .

This extra virgin olive oil is certified organic and single-varietal, unfiltered. You have the choice between two sensory profiles:

the ripe fruity, with a floral and sweet oil, or the green fruity, a little more ardent and offering greater length on the palate.

This organic olive oil comes from artisanal and family production , thus guaranteeing impeccable quality . The 5 liter can is the perfect format for lovers of Mediterranean cuisine wishing to use this extra virgin olive oil on a daily basis. Rich in antioxidants and monounsaturated fatty acids, this olive oil offers exceptional freshness and taste to enhance your recipes .

The polyphenols present in this quality organic olive oil contribute to its many health benefits. In addition to its fruity flavor and its rich aromatic taste, this oil is perfect for seasoning your salads, cooking your dishes or simply enhancing them. Thanks to its secure packaging, you can store this olive oil in optimal conditions to maintain all its freshness. Order it online and benefit from fast delivery to discover all the secrets of this exceptional product, a true symbol of the Italian terroir .

Each drop reveals the artisanal and family know-how of local producers.

Rich in antioxidants and polyphenols , this premium 5L can of organic olive oil offers a multitude of health benefits. Extracted by cold pressing and from Mediterranean organic farming , its exquisite fruity taste and delicate green olive aroma enhance your recipes . To guarantee its freshness and preservation , store it in a cool place, away from light. Opt to purchase this gourmet condiment online for fast delivery and secure packaging.

This olive oil comes from local production in Italy, highlighting the terroir and culinary traditions of the region. Ideal for seasoning a salad, for cooking or to enhance your recipes, it will bring a touch of authenticity to your kitchen. Extra virgin olive oil is obtained from green olives harvested during the prime of the season, thus ensuring exceptional quality and freshness. The pressing and filtration process is carried out carefully by local cooperatives , guaranteeing a pure product rich in omega.

Its delicate taste and light texture make it a perfect dietary choice for a healthy daily diet . Thanks to its ecological packaging, this olive oil can be stored long term without risk of oxidation, thus preserving all its taste qualities. Refill your beautiful Lucangeli bottle to enhance your dishes and savor all the benefits of this culinary treasure. Extra virgin olive oil is a real treasure for digestion, thanks to its natural composition and its beneficial properties for the digestive system.

The 5 liter can of organic olive oil is a real star of gastronomy . Appreciated by chefs and fans of Mediterranean cuisine , this organic product offers a unique taste and an authentic aroma , ideal for seasoning salads or cooking meats and vegetables. With a variety of recipes , this olive oil from organic farming and careful harvesting satisfies the most demanding palates. In addition to its gastronomic quality , it is rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids , making it a valuable ally for health . Add a touch of authenticity to your dishes with this cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil.

Discover the authentic taste of Mediterranean cuisine with this 5L can of organic olive oil . Coming from certified organic farming and gentle pressing of olives, this high-quality oil is rich in vitamins and antioxidants . Its 5L capacity is ideal for regular use in cooking, seasoning or tasting. Its fruity flavor and preserved freshness will enhance your recipes and satisfy the most demanding palates. The container, practical and recyclable, ensures optimal conservation to preserve all the virtues of this oil. A must for a healthy and balanced diet.

By opting for this 5 liter container, you are choosing the quality and authentic taste of organic olive oil. By choosing an organic product, you help preserve the environment and your health. The 5 liter format is ideal for large families or cooking enthusiasts who regularly use olive oil. With this can, you have the assurance of always having a quality oil on hand to enhance your daily dishes. Don't hesitate to get this product to add a touch of authenticity to your recipes.



Bouteille en verre épais de Vérone : très robuste et réutilisable. Bouchon doseur en liège.

Quantité nette : 500ml

Origine : Sud de l'Italie

Ingrédients : 100% Olives Carolea vertes

Date de Durabilité Minimale : 18 mois

Conditions de conservation : à conserver à l’abri de la chaleur et de la lumière

Expédiée dans un carton épais, contenant une protection renforcée



Energie : 3389 kJ / 824 kcal

Matières grasses : 91,6g

dont acides gras saturés : 13,6g

Glucides : 0g

dont sucres : 0g

Protéines : 0g

Sel : 0g