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And there we are! We are absolutely delighted to meet you in the heart of our magnificent olive fields. But it takes more than that to truly introduce yourself!

Our journeys are unique, each bringing their own color to our family history. Grégory, a doctor of pharmacy and graduate of the prestigious Master Grande École of EM Lyon. As for me, I followed part of my higher education in Italy, in Padua, before obtaining my diploma at the Montpellier Business School. And how can we forget our dear brother Florian? Although absent in the photo, he plays an essential role as an engineer, ensuring that each step of the production of our olive oil is optimized, in order to offer you a product of unrivaled quality.

Our family resides in sunny southern Italy, and we are blessed to be able to visit our loved ones regularly. The lands handed down to us by our ancestors are a real treasure, which deserves to be discovered on French soil. It is this common passion for olive oil that pushed us to create LUCANGELI, with the aim of preserving the ancestral know-how of Calabrian olive groves. Today, we offer you a product of excellence, pure and organic, worthy of your demanding palate.

We are honored to share our exceptional Calabrian olive oil with you. LUCANGELI will captivate your palate and enhance your favorite dishes. Rest assured that every drop of our precious nectar will transport you to an unforgettable taste experience. Let yourself be seduced by the very essence of LUCANGELI and discover the magic of our Calabrian olive oil, to enhance your cooking and delight your taste buds.

The delicacy of our Calabrian olive oil is waiting for you. Prepare to live an extraordinary sensory experience and succumb to a symphony of divine flavors. Join us on this exceptional taste adventure and let LUCANGELI brighten up your daily life. Your palate will be eternally grateful.

So, are you ready to dive into the captivating world of LUCANGELI and redefine the very essence of culinary excellence? Dare to taste the difference.

Alexandra and Gregory
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